• BW Photography

    BW Photography

    Photography is a something that I have enjoyed doing for many years now. I love capturing that perfect moment!

  • My Videos

    My Videos

    Something I have really been enjoying lately is shooting video.I really enjoy storytelling through video. I pray God will take this ability he has given me and use it for His glory.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    I started designing so I could help my church with it's printed material, and I have been designing ever sense.

  • I want to help!

    I want to help!

    Here are some things I have worked on over the years. I thought I would put this stuff up online just in case it could be a blessing to someone ells.

  • The White Family

    The White Family

    I would to tell you about my family! I can't talk enough about these guys!

Glad you stopped by!

Welcome to my website benwhitestuff.com! So what is this websiteĀ benwhitestuff.com all about you ask?

Well, over the years the LORD has given me the opportunity to learn many different and unique skills. I needed a place where I could share what I have learned with all of you. I want this website to be a help and inspiration for others, especial for those in ministry.

What has driven me to learn many of the things I know today was so that I could help improve and further the work of the LORD at my local church, Fellowship Baptist Church, where I currently serve as the youth pastor. I hope you find some good ideas and take advantage of the free resources (COMING SOON) that I have made available.